Hello there, and welcome to yet another trans blog.

I’m starting to lose count of the times I’ve attempted this now, but having been inspired by many sources, online and offline, I may finally have a formula that works – something that involves this being more than just another trans* person’s journey across the divide.

Having been asked many questions, as anyone in this position can imagine, my answer was to create a kind of resource site that I can direct people to, saying “Before you ask [insert frequently asked question here], have a look here.” I’ve even been asked by a minister at my church for such writings that they can use on their site. So here it is, the start of something that I hope to eventually become like a British version of Susan’s Place, where I found so much support when I was starting out in this journey.

This site is my back-up blog while I change things around elsewhere. Please bear with me while I sort things out.

For now, I leave you with this nice little video, where a fast-talking American man sums up the complexities of human gender and sexuality in the space of 4 minutes:


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