When Worlds Collide – Part Two

Part 2 of a rather long update regarding family problems (CW: Abuse). This post has been moved as part of a spring cleaning. I now have a personal blog for posts like this - you can find the full write-up here: When Worlds Collide – Part Two Photo credits: Ann Sundqvist  


Love wins; religion loses its mind

The internet has been divided ever since the SCOTUS ruling; that equal marriage should be legal across all 50 states in America. In the red corner, we have the positive messages; the show of support, relief, celebratory posts, as well as the reminder that there's still a lot of work to do. In the blue corner,... Continue Reading →

PSA: Dirt has an alter-ego on Facebook

Trigger warning: transphobia, abuse I know I haven't posted for a while again, but this really needs saying while it's still on my mind. There's someone on Facebook who makes Dirtywhiteboi look like the paragon of feminism, and I've just had to block/report her. Her name is Marsfeld Gottgeweiht (at least, that's her account name),... Continue Reading →

Xmas Blues 2014

It's Christmas Day. TV's full of Xmas adverts, people wishing each other happy Xmas, and it all just pulls me further down. Xmas cheer? I feel anything but. The more I'm expected to feel a certain way, the more I go the opposite direction. This post has been moved as part of a spring cleaning.... Continue Reading →

Surgery update: 9 months on

It's been quite a while since I last posted about lower surgery, which of course means it's had plenty of time to heal and settle down, so thought I'd report how it's doing now. The phallus is about an inch long, growing to 1.5" when erect. Am able to stand to pee, but only if... Continue Reading →

Surgery update: Freedom

I had the day from Hell yesterday as I went down to London to get the catheter removed. The journey there was fine - after that it all went downhill. The catheter was clamped but left in place for me to pass urine twice, making things a bit more difficult. Once I was ready to... Continue Reading →

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