A year on T: Next up, chest surgery

Well, it's been a while since my last update, and my anniversary on T is met with a resounding "Meh", but never mind - to be fair, I'm about due for my next jab and I'm more psyched by the prospect of surgery than my first year on HRT. Anyway - I'll let the vid... Continue Reading →


8 months on T and in limbo

Hi guys, it's me, back from the dead - oops... Ahem - anyway, I have some catching up to do: Week 31 Week 33 Week 34 This is me now: Methinks it's time to update my icon... anyway, during those three or four weeks, my voice has continued to drop very nicely ^_^ I won't... Continue Reading →

T Week 28 – Growth spurts at my age?!

My levels may be low, but it hasn't stopped the changes! I've filled out. My feet are proper men's feet and no longer fit my women's sized Docs. My binders no longer fit - which is more of a problem But still - yay, muscles! See vid below for more:

T Week 27 – Ah, that’s better!

Wow, what a difference a week makes. I'm feeling a lot better this week, after the whinge-fest I indulged in last time... The haircut helped loads in the end, despite the barber trying to give me a fringe. With all the excess lopped off, I noticed for the first time that there's been some receding... Continue Reading →

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