Surgery update: 9 months on

It's been quite a while since I last posted about lower surgery, which of course means it's had plenty of time to heal and settle down, so thought I'd report how it's doing now. The phallus is about an inch long, growing to 1.5" when erect. Am able to stand to pee, but only if... Continue Reading →


Surgery update: Freedom

I had the day from Hell yesterday as I went down to London to get the catheter removed. The journey there was fine - after that it all went downhill. The catheter was clamped but left in place for me to pass urine twice, making things a bit more difficult. Once I was ready to... Continue Reading →

Surgery update: Some TMI info

It's been about 2 weeks since the op. The stent's gone, thank God - now I wait impatiently for the catheter to be removed next week. I no longer need any painkillers, in more discomfort than actual pain, and finally able to get out a bit, even with the catheter bag sometimes slipping down my... Continue Reading →

Surgery Update: First Time for Everything

It's been a long week with this stent in place. It's made anything involving movement pretty uncomfortable, and the whole area's swollen as you could imagine. Thankfully that got removed today; the nurse didn't arrive until about 16:00, and when she did she had a student nurse in tow. Things got interesting and vaguely amusing... Continue Reading →

Surgery Update: Nothing to see here

Healing's been going well - my body has proved time and again that it seems designed to withstand physical trauma such as operations. Still walking slowly, obviously, but the pain's improving. Have been put on antibiotics, painkillers, anti-inflammatories - standard stuff. Will be finishing those tomorrow. Don't remember much of the surgery itself, but was... Continue Reading →

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